You won't be bored

You don't have to go far for fun. Here, both big and small guests will find what they want.

Nearby trips

Everywhere a bit. Whether you want to visit the zoo or go bobsleigh. Trip to Ještěd or a fun day in Babylon.


Hiking enthusiasts will be pleased. You can choose from more challenging trails as well as hiking trips suitable for children.

What's here to see

Observation towers, water reservoirs, waterfalls or mountain peaks. We've put together the most exciting places to visit.

Winter Sports

Winter in the Jizera Mountains offers activities for lovers of cross-country and downhill skiing. The winter slopes of the Jizera Mountains are a popular destination for downhill skiing lovers.

„Experience can not be coutned, or measured.
It just has - or doesn't have - depth.“

- Miroslav Horníček