Bowling lane in UKO

Here you can enjoy not only delicious food, but also great bowling fun. Our bowling alley in Bedřichov is equipped with three lanes, two of which are designed for adults and one is specially adapted for children. We want your children to enjoy the game as much as you do, so the balls on the children’s lane are adapted to their needs.

For family and friends

We offer you a space separated by glass from the restaurant where you can bowl with your friends in peace. You don’t have to worry about being disturbed. Each lane can be played with up to eight people, so you can form teams and compete to win.

For kids

The children’s bowling alley is a real rarity. Its surface is slightly sloping and does not contain channels, which means that the balls always roll to the finish line. Your children can thus enjoy every throw and experience the true joy of success.
Bowling opening hours Bowling pricing Bowling reservations
every day 12:00-22:00 (eventually longer) 280 CZK / 1 lane / 1 hour +420 734 684 664

Book a lane all to yourself

Come and enjoy the great atmosphere and competitive fun in our bowling centre. In the Uko restaurant in Bedřichov we offer you a perfect combination of delicious food and unforgettable entertainment for the whole family.