Entertainment in the UKO resort

Experience unforgettable moments full of fun at UKO.

Entertainment in the UKO resort

Whether you want to come for fun or relaxation, we have something for everyone. Guests big and small never get bored. Try our mini golf or bowling alley. Pamper yourself with a pleasant massage. Relax in our relaxation area or visit our yoga studio.

Our oasis of relaxation and fun awaits you!


Children's playground



Wellness and massages

# Entertainment at UKO


Minigolf directly on the premises of the UKO guesthouse. It is located on the roof of the restaurant in the middle of the greenery and has a total of 13 unique lanes made of special concrete and bricks.

Minigolf opening hours:

April – November, 10:00 – 20:00
depending on the time of year and weather

Adults Children 2-6 years Children 6-12 years Family entry fee Each additional half hour
50 CZK / 1 stick / 1 hour of play 20 CZK / 1 children’s stick / 1 hour of play 30 CZK / 1 junior stick / 1 hour of play max. 150 CZK / 2 adults and 2 children sticks / 1. hour of play adults 25 CZK / children 10 CZK / 15 CZK / family 75 CZK


Our yoga studio offers different types of yoga such as power yoga, yoga for beginners, children’s yoga and many more. Among other things we organize workshops and yoga weekend. Each yoga retreat has a different spirit and you will take something different away from it.

# Entertainment at UKO


Bowling in the Uko restaurant has 3 lanes: 2 lanes are for adults and 1 lane is for children. A maximum of 8 people can play on each lane.

Children’s bowling alley

One of the tracks is adapted for children. It is a rarity: it is slightly sloping and has no channels, so the ball always reaches the finish line smoothly!

Bowling opening hours Bowling prices Bowling reservations
every day 12:00-22:00 (eventually longer) 280 CZK / 1 lane / 1 hour +420 734 684 664

Children’s playground

In the Uko guesthouse we have created a truly amazing playground full of joy and fun for our youngest guests. The name, “UKO Castle”, is not by chance – it even won the prestigious Wooden Building of the Year award. This magical place offers slides, bridges connecting the upper and lower terraces, a rope ladder, a rope tunnel, swings, castle fortifications and even a small house. The entire castle is surrounded by a spacious sandpit with fine sand where children can play and build incredible forts. For parents, there is a comfortable garden gazebo on the lower terrace where they can relax in the shade and enjoy a quiet moment.

Book in hand. Or close your eyes?

Wellness and massages

If you are looking for perfect relaxation, then you will
be delighted by our wellness and wide range of massages.


The complete treatment is divided into a SPA treatment for sensitive skin and a marine rejuvenating moisturizing treatment.

Saltwater pool

The pool is equipped with a unique technology of water desalination, which ensures its biological purity without the use of additional chemical agents (e.g. chlorine). The slightly salty water (approx. 0.5%) has antiseptic effects due to the sea salt.


The UKO Wellness Centre offers several types of massages. We have masseuses and physiotherapists at your disposal.


During your stay in the sauna, intense sweating occurs, which helps the skin to get rid of impurities from the pores and stimulates the metabolism. The air humidity and the intensity of sweating can be increased briefly during sauna sessions by means of infusions.

Relaxation room

The relaxation room is located in the attic of the wellness centre of the UKO guesthouse. It is a rest area, a space for adults only! Please do not enter with children, you will disturb other guests while relaxing, thank you.

Experience unforgettable moments
full of fun at UKO