For kids

What’s more than a child’s smile?

Welcome to a page full of joy, adventure and unforgettable experiences for children in every season! Here at UKO you can enjoy lots of activities with your children, whether it’s winter or summer outside.





In all kinds of weather

Is it raining outside? No problem! At our resort, your kids will have fun in all kinds of weather. Check out the fun activities they can try.

Please register for children’s clubs through the reception
or call 734 684 666.

#In all kinds of weather

Children’s workshops

Children’s imaginations run wild at the workshop circle! Fun art activities with a variety of materials are prepared for children from 3 years of age. They can try making paper masks, making greeting cards, painting planets, stringing beads and other creative activities.

In the meantime, you can enjoy a moment of peace and visit the wellness centre or POWER yoga for adults, which runs alongside the workshops.

WHERE: Yoga building
WHEN: Saturday afternoons (times can be found on the schedule at
PRICE: 200 CZK (all equipment included)

Little yogis

Yoga doesn’t have to be just for adults! Your children can also try it in a fun way at the fun Little Yogis class. The classes are full of movement, songs, poems and relaxation. The class is designed for children aged 3 to 7 years.

In parallel with the Little Yogis there is POWER Yoga for adults, which you can enjoy. Or you can go for a massage. The choice is yours.

WHERE: Yoga building
WHEN: Thursdays and Saturdays afternoons (see schedule for times on
PRICE: 160 CZK / with credit 120 CZK

Swimming with Anna

Who doesn’t love water play? At the swimming club, your children will literally immerse themselves in fun! Under the supervision of the instructor Anička, they will get acquainted with water – they will try bubbling, submerging or even fun hunting for toys at different depths. They will also learn swimming style with aids. Meet in the wellness centre changing room where Anička will take over the children.

WHERE: Wellness building
WHEN: Thursdays 13 – 14 (for children aged 5 – 10 years), Fridays 10:00 – 11:00 (for children aged 2 – 5 years) keep an eye on our timetable to see where the current lessons are listed:, sign up for swimming via the booking system or at the resort reception


Ride a camel or take a walk
through the treetops

In summer, the Jizera Mountains are suitable for hiking and cycling. But even if you are not fond of either, neither you nor your children will be bored here in the UKO. Here are a few activities you can find in the surroundings. The Jizera Mountains are great for sportsmen, but even if you want to avoid cycling and long hikes on foot on your holiday, you won’t be bored here. Take advantage of your holiday to try scootering or horse riding.

#summer at UKO

Horses and camel

Yes, you hear right. Horses in the mountains surprise no one, but one of the inhabitants of the Jizera hills is the two-humped camel BAK. If you want to meet one in person, just take a trip to Hrabětice. You will surely meet him on the local meadows. The best are the meadows near the parking lot in front of the Arnika guesthouse. There he roams in the company of horses on which you can book a ride. They will also saddle you with a BAK upon agreement.

Forest camp at UKO

Looking for a suburban camp for children? How about trying a children’s forest camp in the heart of the Jizera Mountains in Bedřichov in the UKO yoga centre? Treat your children to days full of experiences, joy and new friendships. We will make sure that your children enjoy their days to the full and learn and try out lots of interesting activities.

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On scooters

In the Jizera Mountains you will find many marked trails for scooters. You can choose according to your abilities. The routes are colour-coded according to difficulty. Popular are for example the descents from Královka. If you don’t have your own scooter in the area, there are plenty of rental shops where you can rent scooters and electric scooters. Just choose. You might find one at Rope park in Bedřichov.

In the Bikepark

Sure, we said in the intro that you can do without a bike, but how about trying some nice trail riding? There are several in the Jizera Mountains. You can find such a mini-trail right in Bedřichov. You will find a kilometer-long circuit full of switchbacks, bumps, climbs and descents near the cross-country skiing stadium. It was created thanks to the energy of the Jizera Fifty runners. Bikeparks for the more demanding ones can be found at Tanvaldský Špičák, Nové Město pod Smrkem, Ještěd or Rokytnice nad Jizerou.

Stretch your body

Near the rope park in Bedřichov you will find a natural gym where you can stretch your body on various natural exercise benches. Everything is hidden in the pleasant shade of the forest. You can work off your adrenaline in the rope park or directly on the artificial climbing wall. If it is full, you will find another rope park at the Artur guesthouse.

Behind the llamas on Černá Studnice

This is a more distant trip. On the opposite side of Jablonec nad Nisou from Bedřichov you will find the Černá Studnice lookout tower. Not only can you enjoy the view of Bedřichov, Královka or Slovanka from its gallery, but at its foot you will also find a nice playground and an enclosure with alpaca llamas. Be careful not to get spit on!

Children’s indoor playrooms

You know the drill. Sometimes the weather is not conducive to outdoor activities. In Jablonec nad Nisou and Liberec you can find several children’s play areas. In the Rýnovka shopping centre it’s Monty’s play area. Other playrooms are at the DaFi café and in the Centrál department store on the first floor there is the Človíčkov playroom. You can have a cup of coffee in peace and possibly take care of business calls, and the children can play properly. In Liberec, there is the Babylon Funpark in the entertainment complex and another giant game room next to Dinopark in the Plaza shopping centre. It’s called Tasmania.

Christmas in summer

If you like Christmas decorations, make sure you make a trip to Jablonec nad Nisou and visit the new permanent exhibition of the WoW Museum of Glass and Jewellery. It is entirely dedicated to them and you can enjoy the Christmas mood even in summer.


Winter fun at UKO!

Come and experience an unforgettable winter adventure at UKO! Our resort activities offer a wide range of winter fun for the whole family. Downhill skiing on the slopes, building snowmen and walking in the snowy landscape are just some of the activities that await you. If you’re looking for the perfect place for your children to learn to ski, Bedřichov is the place to be. Take a look at the offer of some of the ski schools and prepare your children for an unforgettable experience!

#skiing in Bedřichov

Currently Bedřichov operates 3 ski resorts: the Bedřichov, Severák and Tanvaldský Špičák. In these ski resorts you can find a full range of transport facilities and slopes of all levels of difficulty. Of course, there are also other services inherent to winter sports, namely ski schools, rentals and service.

All of these ski areas are accessible by car, and all ski areas offer ample free parking. Bedřichov and Severák can also be reached by ski bus from Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou, and all ski resorts have ski schools and ski equipment rentals.

Ski rentals and schools

ADLER Ski – ski rental Bedřichov

Directly in Bedřichov at the ski resort Bedřichov – Malinovka there is a ski rental: ski centre ADLER.

Ski rental assortment

The rental shop offers a wide range of carving skis for children and adults from Fischer, Head, Salomon, Atomic, Blizzard, Elán, Nordica and many others. There are also cross-country skis from Atomic, Fischer, Madshus,.. and snowboards from Elán, Salomon, and Burton, and of course all the equipment that goes with it, i.e. bindings and boots from Fischer, Salomon, Head, and Nordica. All this from 160 CZK per set per day, with a better price when renting for more days. Both beginners and demanding skiers can choose from a wide range. All equipment undergoes regular servicing after each rental.

10% discount for ski rental for guests of the Uko guesthouse At the ADLER Ski Centre, guests of our guesthouse receive a 10% discount on all sports equipment.

When renting in bulk for our guesthouse, ADLER provides delivery to the guesthouse. Payment can be made by credit card.

Sportkids Ski School

The Sportkids Ski School is located on the ski slope near the Achát Hotel in Janov nad Nisou (3 km from the Uko guesthouse). The smallest children learn to ski on a 100 m long ski slope with a lift (poma).

The Sportkids ski school offers affordable skiing courses for children from 4 years old at great prices starting from 440 CZK/ 1 day. Price includes 3 hours of group ski lessons, hot tea, lift pass.

Very popular and affordable are their 5-day courses (á 2200 CZK, 15 hours of skiing lessons, 1 day is 440 CZK). From Monday to Friday, children learn under the supervision of experienced instructors, 3 hours a day divided into 2 blocks.

Filip Zeman, +420 774345479,
Jiří Zeman, +420 728671632,

1 hour of individual lessons is offered by Sportkids for 400 CZK.

Children in the course can also rent equipment from 100 CZK / 1 day.

Ski school SKI Bižu

Ski school SKI Bižu operates in all ski areas SKI Bižu: Bedřichov – Malinovka, Severák and Špičák.

The ski school offers the following courses:

– group downhill skiing lessons
– private downhill ski lessons
– both types of lessons are available for children and adults, on skis or snowboard
– the price of the lessons includes ski lift tickets

Ski school SKI Bižu:

Open daily from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. during the ski season.
Tanvaldský Špičák I – ropeway building, +420 732 751 119
Tanvaldský Špikák II – in the car park, +420 732 751 119
Severák – service building of the complex, +420 605 907 935
Bedřichov – Malinovka chalet, +420 604 581 037

Ski school “U Úpravny vody”

The ski school Bedřichov in the Jizera Mountains offers ski courses for small children and complete beginners.

In the ski school you can schedule ski lessons in five-day cycles (Monday to Friday) in the morning or in weekly cycles (one day a week) 5 times in a row.

In the ski area “U Úpravny vody” there are 3 ski lifts with three groomed ski runs. The 80m ski lift on a very gentle slope is especially suitable for complete beginners and small children and is an ideal and safe place for ski school lessons. After mastering the first turns and confident braking, the lessons move to the 220m long lift with a longer and wider slope. Towards the end of the ski training, the best skiers try their hand at skiing on the 300m long Tatrapoma. The aim of the five-day training is to teach children to ski down the slope independently and safely through regulated curves.

Ski area near the waterworks and snowtubing

Part of the training is also a reward after skiing, in the form of snow attractions snowtubing (which is a ride on special inflatable tubes in modified snow slides, controlled by instructors), snowtrampoline and playground with bundles and shovels.

The price of 1600 CZK includes professional instruction by licensed instructors with experience teaching children who are students or graduates of physical education and sports management, snacks, medals and diplomas for all children at the final evaluation.

We also offer ski kit rental 400 CZK/week.
In case of interest we rent a ski helmet 100 CZK/week.