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Come and discover what surprises the mountains have in store for you during the summer months.

Come and discover what surprises the mountains have in store for you during the summer months. Not only winter offers endless possibilities for activities and sports. From mountain biking and hiking to adrenaline sports such as rock climbing, you will experience unforgettable moments of exercise and joy. In addition, the mountains also offer many scenic spots that are worth visiting as a hiker. Enjoy the exercise while admiring the beauty of the surrounding nature. Take a look at our tips and get inspired.

# Jizera Mountains are TOP even in summer

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Bobsleigh track: endless adrenaline ride

In Janov nad Nisou (a village before Bedřichov in the direction of Jablonec nad Nisou) there is a unique attraction that brings excitement and fun for all age groups. The bobsleigh track is an ideal place for adrenaline lovers. Comfortable bobsleighs with rubber wheels are equipped with effective brakes that allow individual adjustment of speed and riding style. Even small children can easily control these bobsleighs. The track has 22 turns and a unique carousel section where the bob turns 450 degrees. With a total length of 900 metres and a 270 metre lift, this attraction will completely absorb you. Within the bobsled area you will also find a restaurant with a capacity of 48 seats inside and 80 seats on the spacious terrace with barbecue and smokehouse.

Jablonec dam:
an oasis of recreation in the middle of the city

The Jablonec dam, which was completed in 1910, is located in the heart of Jablonec nad Nisou. This water body is the largest urban water body in Central Europe and has gained great popularity among visitors. Today it serves mainly as an ideal place for recreation and relaxation. The reservoir offers sandy and grassy beaches with different slopes of the water. On the beach you will also find beach volleyball courts, playgrounds, boat, pedal boat and other equipment rental. There are also children’s play areas and concrete courts for football, tennis and basketball (free of charge). The surrounding area is also rich in food stalls and restaurants. Jablonec Dam is also an ideal place for diving, windsurfing and sailing. This is where nature and the convenience of the city really come together.

Do you prefer to explore the world
from the saddle of a bike?

Cycling routes in the Jizera Mountains for every cyclist

They say the world is most beautiful from the back of a horse. Let’s say that the Jizera Mountains are most beautiful from the saddle of a bicycle. So many views and historical places can’t be reached on foot, by car you will miss the best, so we are left with the bicycle. Get a good breakfast in the morning, fortify yourself for the day and set off, with friends, family or even on your own. It depends on your preference, but you are guaranteed to enjoy the day, because cycling in the Jizera Mountains is beautiful!

To entice you a bit, we’ve put together our favourite cycling routes that we personally love. But don’t worry, there’s plenty to see, and there’s a map waiting for you when you arrive for your cycling weekend that will serve you throughout your stay.

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On the slope!

Ski resort on Ještěd near Liberec

Ski resort Ještěd is located in the part of Liberec – Horní Hanychov. Ski resort Ještěd is a modern ski resort within easy reach of Liberec city transport with excellent transport accessibility thanks to the expressway from Prague to Liberec. As a result of hosting the Nordic World Ski Championships in 2009, the transport facilities and infrastructure of the ski resort were completely modernized. The ski area includes a new two-storey central car park.

The Ještěd Ski Resort is 19 km from the Uko.

Ski lifts and ski slopes in the ski resort Ještěd

There are 2 four-seat chairlifts, 1 two-seat chairlift, 1 cabin chairlift to the top of Ještěd and 6 ski lifts. The ski resort offers slopes of all levels of difficulty from demanding on the north side to easy on the sunny south side. For beginners there is the Bucharka training area and 2 other training meadows. Opening hours are daily from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm plus night skiing on lift F-10 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Ski resort Ještěd offers

  • 2 modern four-seat cable cars to Skalka and Černý vrch – the most modern cable cars in the Czech Republic
  • 1 chairlift on Nové Pláně
  • 4 modern anchor lifts and 2 rope lifts for the little ones
  • more than 9 km of groomed downhill trails of all levels of difficulty
  • snowpark Ještěd on Nové Pláně
  • new central car park for more than 500 cars (free of charge)
  • additional parking areas at lift F-10 and at lift Bucharka (free of charge)
  • several ski and SNB equipment rentals on site
  • ski and SNB service directly at the ski slope
  • a choice of several ski schools located in the area
  • refreshments in the modern self-service restaurant in the Administration Building, or in the kiosks at each lift
  • night skiing daily from 18:00 to 21:00 during the operation of the resort

Ski resort Špičák

The Tanvaldský Špičák Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in the Jizera Mountains and is located about 10 km from the Uko guesthouse. The ski slopes are suitable for all categories of skiers (from beginners to the really demanding).

Ski Resort Špičák – Josefův Důl
The Tanvaldský Špičák ski resort is the largest ski resort in the Jizera Mountains, and European-level races are held on its high-quality slopes. The ski resort offers 6 km of ski slopes of all levels of difficulty with technical snowmaking throughout the entire length. For your comfort, there is a four-seat ropeway and a contactless check-in system. Tanvaldský Špičák II is ideal for teaching small skiers – an enclosed area with a moving carpet, a children’s lift with many attractions.

Parameters of the ski resort Tanvaldský Špičák
Number of lifts: 7 + 1 cable car
Number of slopes: 10
Night skiing: yes
Technical snowmaking: yes
Difficulty: blue, red, black
Length of slopes: 5 950 m
Altitude: 550 – 830 m
Parking: included in the price of the lift ticket, located directly at the entrance to the lift and lifts

Ski areál Tanvaldský Špičák nabízí

  • denně upravované sjezdové tratě s přírodním i technickým sněhem
  • večerní lyžování ve středisku Špičák II, 17-20 hod., provoz dle sněhových podmíne
  • parkování zdarma ve středisku Špičák I a Špičák II
  • 5 lyžařských vleků různých délek
  • čtyřsedačkovou lanovou dráhu ve středisku Špičák I s krátkou čekací dobou na odbaven
  • přepravní kapacitu lyžařských vleků a lanové dráhy 5960 os/hod
  • celkovou délku lyžařských tratí cca 6 km
  • půjčovna a servis lyžařského a snowboardového vybavení SKI Bižu SPORT
  • lyžařská škola SKI Bižu & snowboard ve střediscích Špičák I i Špičák II pro začínající i pokročilé lyžaře a snowboardisty
  • dětský svět ve středisku Špičák II – uzavřené hřiště pro výuku dětí s vlastním pojízdným kobercem

Cross-country skiing!

Thanks to its higher position (about 707 m above sea level) it is one of the highest villages in the country and there is no shortage of snow in winter. Often there is so much snow that it lasts until spring! There are kilometres of perfectly groomed cross-country ski trails stretching through Bedřichov and the Jizera Mountains, which attract not only professionals but also recreational cross-country skiers and parents with small children. Tips for the best white tracks in the Jizera Mountains can be found below.

Cross-country skiing and the Jizera Highway

The cross-country skiing trails around Bedřichov are suitable for both professional cross-country skiers and small children who can easily manage a shorter or longer trip with their parents on the snowy hills of the Jizera Mountains. The entire complex of groomed trails, the Jizera Ski Route, offers more than 170 km of cross-country skiing trails across Bedřichov and the Jizera Mountains.

The Jizera Ski Route has the relief of a plateau and offers not only beautiful views but also a system of well-marked trails. The white tracks take skiers to the most beautiful places in the Jizera Mountains. If you get hungry on the way, you can refresh yourself in popular kiosks (at Hřebínek, Promenádní cesta, Na Knajpa) or try regional cuisine in renowned mountain chalet restaurants.

Starting points for cross-country skiing

At present, the length of the Jizera Cross-Country Ski Trail is 170 km and there are 20 trailheads.
The starting points of the Jizera Trail are Bedřichov 3 times, Liberec 2 times, Jizerka 2 times, Smědava, Josefův důl 2 times, Hrabětice, Albrechtice, Horní Polubný, Kořenov, Nové Město pod Smrkem, Oldřichov v Hájích and Jablonec n/N-Břízky; from the 2007/2008 season onwards: the Soušská dam, Bílý potok – Hubertka chalet, Josefův Důl – Maxov hotel.

Cross-country trails and map of the Jizera Highway

Where to go cross-country skiing in Bedřichov and its surroundings? Do you want to go on a training circuit to the Jizera Fifty or just ride the most popular Bedřichov trails with beautiful views of the surroundings? Either way, here you will find an overview of the starting points for cross-country skiing on the Jizera Trail:
Bedřichov 3 times, Liberec 2 times, Jizerka 2 times, Smědava, Josefův důl 2 times, Hrabětice, Albrechtice, Horní Polubný, Kořenov, Nové Město pod Smrkem, Oldřichov v Hájích and Jablonec n/N-Břízky; since the 2007/2008 season new: Soušská dam, Bílý potok – Hubertka chalet, Josefův Důl – Maxov hotel. The ski tracks will lead cross-country skiers not only from the well-known resorts of Bedřichov and Jizerka, but also from other starting points such as Oldřichov v Hájích, Nové Město pod Smrkem, Desná, Horní Polubný or Martinské údolí in Kořenov, into the nature of the Jizera Mountains Protected Landscape Area for experiences and performances. Thanks to the close cooperation with other trail operators, such as Jizerky for you in Kořenov or Bieg Piastów in Jakuszyce, Poland, cross-country skiers can also go to trails in the Giant Mountains or to groomed cross-country ski trails on the Polish side.

Cross-country skiing and Jizerska 50

The most famous annual event is the cross-country skiing race Jizerská padesátka, which starts and ends at the Bedřichov stadium. The traditional long-distance cross-country race was created as a performance test race for the climbers of TJ LOKOMOTIVA Liberec. The first year it led across the Jizera Mountains from Bedřichov to Kořenov and back. Over the years, the route has changed to increase the level of the race. Even outside the race you can ride it yourself (on cross-country skis or even on a bike) and compare your skills with the best participants.
If you want to try cross-country skiing and don’t have your own cross-country skis, there are also ski equipment rentals in Bedřichov. Cross-country skiing school and ski rental – SKI SERVIS MÁRA The SKI SERVIS MÁRA is located directly at the entrance to the Jizera Highway in Bedřichov (cross-country ski stadium), where you can rent or buy complete cross-country skiing equipment, store your luggage, have your skis professionally cleaned and lubricated. With the owner of the Ski Service you can arrange a school of cross-country skiing, or training under professional supervision.
Marek Pazderský
Bedřichov v Jizerských horách – cross-country skiing stadium

Important links for cross-country skiers

  • Jizera Highway in winter – up-to-date information about the operation of the Jizera Highway and current snow news from the Bedřichov ski resort in the Jizera Mountains. Webcams in Bedřichov and in the Jizera Mountains – starting point for cross-country skiers
  • Information for cross-country skiers – if you are going cross-country skiing, you will certainly find the information on cross-country skiing equipment, lubrication, etc. useful.
  • Current state of cross-country ski tracks in the Jizera Mountains – SMS info, your mobile phone will receive information about the current modifications made to the cross-country skiing and hiking trails.

Do you also love to ski or cross-country ski? Stay with us and you can spend the whole day on the snow!