Rest is the best spice for work.

Wellness centre in the heart of the mountains

Welcome to our wellness centre surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Jizera Mountains. Enjoy a beneficial massage, a relaxing sauna or just relax in our relaxation zone. Families with children will appreciate the indoor and outdoor swimming pool, which serves for fun and relaxation and will become a paradise for your little ones.

# Water fun in UKU

Swimming pool

Our indoor saltwater pool is popular with young and old alike and is safe for even the smallest visitors. In the separate paddling pool with a comfortable depth of 0.5 metres, even preschoolers will feel safe and can immerse themselves in the fun and joy of the water world.
The pool also has a very pleasant temperature – a beautiful 26 to 28 °C!

Water everywhere you look

And what will you find interesting about our pool? We are proud of our unique desalination technology, which ensures the biological purity of the water without the use of other chemical agents (e.g. chlorine). The slightly salty water (approx. 0.5%) has antiseptic effects due to the sea salt.

In close proximity to the pool there is also a whirlpool, which invites you to relax and unwind. Soak in the warm bath and let the bubbles massage your body.

Price list for entry to the swimming pool and sauna

Adults 2 hours 340 CZK
Children 0-12 years old 2 hours 220 CZK


The healing effects of sauna bathing on the human body and psyche are unquestionable. In our wellness centre you can choose from 3 types of sauna. Choose the most suitable sauna for you.

Types of saunas you can find here

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is a proven classic that helps you flush out toxins from the body, blood circulation to the organs and skin, boost immunity and relieve stress. It also helps with the treatment of cold feet syndrome. The temperature in a classic Finnish sauna ranges from 85°C to 95°C. The humidity is between 10 and 20%.

Herbal sauna

Herbs from our own production are hung in the sauna, creating a pleasant aroma. This sauna is also suitable for children and those who do not like the hot air in the Finnish sauna. The temperature in the herbal sauna is around 65°C – 75°C.

Salt sauna

The temperature is around 55°C – 65°C and the salt from the salt panels and crystals evaporates into the space. If you suffer from respiratory problems, this type of sauna is the right choice for you.


Massage relieves stress, removes fatigue, muscle tension and contributes to the overall regeneration of the body. Pamper yourself and choose from the many types of massages we offer in our wellness centre. Our experienced team of masseuses and physiotherapists are at your disposal, and the UKO reception staff will be happy to help you make an appointment.

Quiet. Relax. Cool. Rest.

What kind of massage can you get with us?
Relaxation massage
Classical massage
Sports massage
Head massage
Lava stones
Lymphatic Reflex Therapy
Indian medicinal massage with herbal sachets or salt sachets
Buccal massage with peptides
Honey detox massage
Therapeutic massage
Chocolate massage
Ayurvedic healing massage
5 Continents Massage
Price list of massages can be found here.


Vacations are for coming back a new person. And here at UKO, that’s doubly true. In addition to a proper holiday that will relax you, we offer something quite unique: professional physiotherapy in the middle of the Jizera Mountains!

Get your body back in shape – choose the ideal therapy for you from our range:

Individual physiotherapy
– 60 min

Ideal for the general public, athletes, children and pregnant women. It starts with a comprehensive body diagnosis, based on which we determine the appropriate therapy and exercises.

Price: 1000 CZK

Individual physiotherapy
– 30 min

Suitable after completing one hour of therapy. Suitable as a check of the exercises or for minor problems.
Price: 500 CZK


Kinesiotape is ideal for athletes. It is the application of elastic adhesive tape to problem areas.
Price: 500 CZK
(60 and 30 min FREE within the therapy)

Marm Therapy – 80 minutes

60 minutes of Ayurvedic massage with warm oil and 20 minutes of bed rest. You will feel beautifully attuned after the massage.
Price: 1250 CZK


Choose the type and time of massage according to your preferences and relax perfectly.
Price: according to choice of massage

Individual yoga – 60 minutes

Not sure what style of yoga is right for you or if you are doing the postures correctly? Try our one-on-one yoga class that’s all about you.
Price: 1000 CZK

Who will guide you through physiotherapy?

Zuzana Šormová Janoušková

professional physiotherapist

Zuzana has more than 9 years of experience in the field of physiotherapy, she has completed university and many courses. Her lifelong love of sport led her to physiotherapy. She is happy to help you to physical and mental well-being as well.

Book your tailor-made physiotherapy
and enjoy complete relaxation of body and mind!


Treat yourself to professional skin care and be pampered by our team of beauticians. As part of a complete treatment, you will first receive a SPA treatment for sensitive skin and then a marine rejuvenating moisturizing treatment. Professional care for your skin will be rewarded with a glowing and healthy-looking complexion.

Let yourself be pampered

If you are interested in pampering, please give us at least 14 days
notice before you arrive so we can get everything
set up as it should be. For your maximum satisfaction.

Thank you.

The complete price list can be found here.

Book in hand. Or close your eyes?

Relax zone

Need to shut down for a while? Escape from everyday worries for a moment and recharge your batteries? UKO is here for you. Our relaxation room is located above all the hustle and bustle and will provide you with the perfect environment for undisturbed relaxation and rest. In addition, in warm weather, you can also use the outdoor areas to unwind.

Come and relax
and recharge your batteries at UKO